2021 Plant Sale

Online ordering begins again on May 11th. We will contact you when your order is ready for pick up.

The Flora Conservancy is a volunteer organization. All money raised from our plant sale is spent to maintain and beautify Forest Park & Lafayette Park.

Thank you for you support, we hope you enjoy your plants as much as we enjoyed growing them for you!

The Flora Conservancy of Forest Park is a volunteer organization that, in partnership with the City of St. Louis, plants and maintains floral displays throughout Forest Park. This organization offers area gardeners a unique opportunity to help the St. Louis Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry preserve the gardens in Forest Park. 

The Flora Conservancy of Forest Park, established in 1999, is a not-for-profit organization in partnership with the St. Louis Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry.  Its mission is to design, enhance and maintain the gardens, savannahs and prairies as outlined in the Master Plan of Forest Park. The organization is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers who work in the park each week. 

Contact Us

(314) 289-5323 or (314) 53-FLORA.