Historic City Greenhouse Renovation Campaign

Critical Greenhouse Needs

Glass repair. Each year the greenhouse loses an average of fifty of the antiquated glass panels that make up its structure. Falling glass from the ceiling and roof has presented a hazard to city workers and volunteers who continue to garden in the greenhouse. Holes left from broken glass have allowed wildlife to enter the greenhouse on several occasions and has severely reduced the climate control of the greenhouse.

Heating system. The boiler system that currently supports the heating needs of the greenhouse is very old and inefficient. Because the boiler heats each of the greenhouse bays, any maintenance to the boiler renders the entire greenhouse non-functional. This means that during the winter if repairs to the heating system are needed in any area of the greenhouse, heat is unavailable throughout the entire greenhouse until repairs are finished.

Air circulation system. The greenhouse does not have a functional air circulation system. This means that climate control in the greenhouse is limited even when the glass is in tact and the boiler is working. Proper air circulation is necessary for temperature control as well as for preventing the development of fungal and insect infestation. In addition, the extreme, uncontrolled heat in the greenhouse during St. Louis summers means that the gardeners are unable to store plants through the season. As a result, each year the city must replace plants that could have otherwise been stored and reused.

To read the full renovation proposal drafted by St. Louis City gardener supervisor, Andrew Kobby, please contact Flora Conservancy.

Join the St. Louis City gardeners and Flora Conservancy volunteers in supporting the renovations of the greenhouses that have provided the city with more than a century of exceptional flora.

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