Baby’s Tears 4 inch pots Room 11


Soleirolia soleirolii



Soleirolia soleirolii, commonly called baby’s tears, is a creeping, mat-forming, evergreen perennial of the nettle family. It is native to certain islands in the western Mediterranean, primarily including Corsica and Sardinia. It is typically grown for its ornamental foliage. Upward growth is only 1-2″ (sometimes to 5″) tall, but plants spread aggressively and indefinitely (to 3-6′ wide) by many-branched fragile stems which root in the ground as they go. Shiny, rich green to lime green rounded leaves (to 1/4″ diameter) form a dense, moss-like, quick-spreading groundcover. Miniature, creamy white flowers (May and June) lack petals and are ornamentally insignificant. Plant spread is sometimes characterized as invasive and weed-like, but plants are small and rather easy to uproot. Unfortunately any small stem section not removed will often regenerate.